Using smartphone gyros to detect motion

I know a smart phone can be used as a presence detector, but why can’t it be used as a motion detector? I would like to be able to disable the alarm when I get up IBM the morning and it seems like the movement of my phone would be a useful trigger.


Use @joshua_lyon’s Sharp Tools with Tasker and a Virtual Switch!


I do that same flow but use when I pull it off the wireless charging stand in the morning as the trigger. Triggers my Good Morning routine.


Thanks! I knew there had to be a way. I grabbed the sharp tools app and I already use Tasker but what is the Virtual Switch? Is there a tutorial for setting this up somewhere?

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Forum (or Google) search is your friend… :mag:.

Is this your Tasker trigger:
Tasker state: power: wireless: invert?

Or did you use an event?

What happens if you forgot to put it on the charger? Say maybe someone fell asleep while using the phone. Not saying that happens to you but…

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Got it. I had tried searching Tasker and Virtual Switch and it wasn’t clear. Now I see I should have searched smartthings and Virtual Switch. :wink:

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Yes that is one of my profile triggers. The other is a time period. 4am to 7am. Then it will only apply when I quit charging in the morning.

I had one set up for when I put it on the charger at night to run goodnight. I had to disable that one because it would turn off everything on everyone if I wasn’t the last one up.

I always put my phone on the charger at night. I do have a backup motion sensor in the hallway that works for my wife when I am off and she works.