Using Smarthings Mesh Router with EERO

Have 2 homes. 1st has Smarthings 3Gen. In trying to setup my 2d I have found the 3d Gen is virtually nonexistent. It seems the only Smarthings Hub available comes with the MEsh network which I dont need because I use Eero. I do not want to get rid of my eero, alreayd have it…Can I use the Smarthings Hub Mesh Router as just the hub connected to the EERO Mesh and not use the Smarthing MEsh capability?

You can, but if this is a new planned purchase I would recommend getting a different hub model instead.

Samsung has decided that it no longer wants to sell or support smartthings branded home automation hardware. However, they are going to continue to provide the app and the cloud platform. And they are partnering with other hardware companies to create the devices, even the hubs.

The partner for both North America and the EU/UK will be Aeotec, and these devices are just starting to come on the market. Amazon should have them, or some specialty retailers like the smartest house.

It looks like the first iteration of these are identical to the current smartthings V3 hubs, just with the new logo.

So I would get one of those rather than getting the Wi-Fi mesh versions, because up until now nothing has been mentioned about the Wi-Fi mesh hub, it doesn’t look like Aeotec is going to take it over, and it’s already several firmware versions behind. So my own guess, although it’s just a guess, is that the Wi-Fi mesh versions will be discontinued pretty soon.

Here’s the official announcement and forum discussion thread:

An Update Regarding our Hardware

Here’s the Aeotec website:

So you can’t find a smartthings branded V3 hub because they are not going to be made anymore. But the Aeotec is the official replacement.

Back to your original question…

If this is not a new purchase and you already have the hub with Plume, yes, you can use it with another Wi-Fi router, you have to put it into “bridge“ mode.

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