Using SmartApp name as variable

(Realsol) #1

Is it possible to use the SmartApps name as a variable for logs? Also, Is it possible to use the SmartApp name assigned to it by the user?

(Realsol) #2
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(Andrew Urman) #3

@realsol It is not. Whats the use case? Sounds interesting!

(Duncan) #4

Did you try app.label or

(Realsol) #5

@duncan, Thanks. app.label gave me what I needed.

(Andrew Urman) #6

@realsol or jk it is. But wouldn’t you want to differentiate using some sort of preference for multiple installs rather than the name? I guess it depends what you are doing.

(Realsol) #7

@urman, Actually I am using app.label which returns my app name when I installed it. Seems to be working pretty good.

(Andrew Urman) #8

@realsol nice! Glad I couldn’t help :stuck_out_tongue:

@duncan to the rescue

(Realsol) #9

Oh… You can help. Put some heat on the new ‘Documentation’ person. :slight_smile:

… and finish up the Harmony Integration …