Using Smart Bulb as Occupancy Indicator: Can I change the labels in the app So it says “Occupied” instead of “On”?

Does anyone know how I can use a Sengled Element smart bulb as an option for sensor?
Here’s my situation:
The hall bathroom in our house doesn’t have a window in it, so you need to turn on the light to use it. We don’t need a smart switch or bulb in there but I would like to be able to see if someone is using the bathroom without having a motion sensor. Right now I have a Sengled Element smart bulb as one of the 3 bulbs in the light fixture. I still use the regular switch to turn on and off the lights. If I look at the SmartThings app and the bulb is on then I know someone is in there. If it says “unavailable”, then I know nobody is using it.

So my question is: Is there a way (using a device handler or something) to make the device show up as “occupied” when the bulb is available, and “unoccupied” when the bulb is unavailable? As opposed to “on” and “unavailable”.


I don’t know about Sengled. But I just tested this with a Cree bulb. Here’s what happens:
If the bulb is off and Smartthings has it recorded as off, then turning the switch to on lights the bulb… and it quickly reports itself to ST as ‘on’. Shows up in the mobile app in about two seconds.

So that’s good as far as it goes. If that were all that is needed, then you could make a simulated presence sensor that is triggered by the bulb’s on/off status.

The problem is that turning the bulb off at the switch does not report it as ‘off’ in Smartthings.
The second problem is that attempting to turn it off in Smartthings then results in it reporting as “Turning Off” - but never reports as Off.
The third issue is that when it is in that state, turning it back on at the switch does not report it as ‘on’ within the app!

Right now it’s been 25 minutes since I read your email and tested in Webcore. The hard switch is off, yet the ST reported status remains ‘on’ - no matter what action I try to send it. It can’t be polled apparently. So I don’t know how to get it to report as ‘off’ or ‘unavailable’ in any timely fashion.