Using SharpTools with ST and Tasker for presense sensor

I am trying to get my August 3 Gen lock to open when me or my wife are in front of the door.

Currently, I have a CoRE piston using Life360 and the lock. The life360 presense sensor does not work, the app knows where I am, I see my presense in ST but it is not passing it along to ST and CoRE.

So I through I can use Tasker for this.
I added Tasker to SharpTools and my profile is as follows

Using Location (Home)
Task - Plugin Sharptools > A Thing - August lock
Push a notification via Pushbullet.

Two things.

  1. This isnt working either (well I am going to test it for sure tomorrow as the wife opened the door when I came home today).

  2. I would prefer to have the notifications pass through ST and CoRE if possible. Not sure If I can have Sharptools via tasker pass a notification this way. (Still learning how to incorporate)

What are you using as a trigger in the Tasker profile?

Can you clarify what you mean by have the notifications pass through ST?

Have you looked at the following thread?

I’m using auto voice so I’m talking into my phone having AutoVoice intercepting OK Google command.

So you want to be able to say something like “Okay Google, unlock the front-door” or something similar and have it unlock the front door? Can you share an export of the Tasker profile so we can help you troubleshoot? Do you have the unlocked version of AutoVoice?

I’ll message you with it thank you.

Yes I have a full version

Thanks, I received the PM. Are you able to manually run the Unlock August FD command and does it work as expected?

What phrase are you trying to use when speaking to AutoVoice?

I am using unlock front door. It worked but was very delayed.

Can you clarify what very delayed means? 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute?

At very least, it sounds like the SharpTools side of things is working, but delayed which is a different issue we can work through.

On the AutoVoice side of things, what phrase were you trying to speak? I saw that you had a number of utterances setup.

I believe I was saying OK Google ask AutoVoice to unlock the front door.

I’ll be home for 2 days and I’ll test it and give you some feedback.

I just tested it. The Sharptools plugin using the lock as a thing isn’t unlocking. But the push to pushbullet and new routine/core notification is

Have you tried manually locking/unlocking the door from the main SharpTools interface to verify that you are able to control the lock from SharpTools?

Assuming the Task hasn’t changed since the original version I saw, if the routine is working it sounds like Tasker-SharpTools-SmartThings are all communicating as expected. I noticed that the routine being triggered was a “Virtual August SharpTools” - what is that routine doing?

I’ll try that soon. The virtual August Sharptools turns on a virtual switch which then runs a core command to give me a notification that the door is locked or unlocked. It’s in SmartThings so I can add it to the notifications and logs.

The lock works in Sharptools. But it isn’t triggering as a thing in Tasker. I am not sure why that would be.

That is interesting. Have you tried creating a new Task in Tasker which has only has the lock command for your August lock and then tried running it (while the door is locked)?

Yes it doesn’t work.

More interesting.

The lock is instant in SharpTools
In Tasker with Sharptools the delay is several minutes when it does work. I tried to run the task several times and it worked once after a long delay.

I’m trying it now but it stopped working.

Hm, I haven’t seen that before, but it’s definitely not working as expected. Can you do the following immediately before sending me the logs: try to unlock then lock with the main SharpTools UI, then try to unlock then lock with Tasker. Then go to SharpTools Settings > Support > Send Logs. Can you include the rough time that you triggered the lock so I can try to read through the logs and see if anything looks out of the ordinary?

What make/model device is this and what OS version are you running?

I messaged you.