Using several Lightstrips in a group

I’m thinking about placing more lightstrips in the house, but i’m kind of stuck on figuring out the best way to do this and would really appreciate some suggestions.
There surely must be a lot of you guys out there who already got something like this working.
What i would like is to put 2 strips at the bottom of my nightstands to start with. a few more under some bookshelves and a few inside a closet.
And hopefully after that also at the bottom of every step on the staircase. I have been staring at lightstrips and controllers for the last days,
but i cannot figure out what is the best way to continue and what to buy.

I already have 2 Philips hue lightstrip plus, im happy with them. But i wanna start using different size strips, also small sizes.
To do this i would have to buy a lot of hue strips which will cost a lot. It just feels wrong to buy a 70 euro lightstrip and than cut it down to only 30cm.

Theres a lot of choice in cheaper lightstrips. But how to control these strips with ST? So far i really found just 2 options. Dresden or Fibaro.
The problem i have with them is when i want to put a small strip under a nightstand and have to buy a Dresden or Fibaro specifically for this i
might aswell buy a philips strip. ofcourse if you want several meters of strips you would be better off with Dresden or Fibaro.
I understand i could connect both nightstand strips to 1 Fibaro or Dresden. But this way i lose individual control about the strips.
Maybe there are options to seperately control several lightstrips using just 1 Fibaro or Dresden type controller?

And finally i also want to be able to make some light scenes. If i put several strips under shelves i would like them to fade in 1 by 1.
If all i can do is turn them on or off it would be pointless to get ST involved in it in my opinion. For my normal lightbulbs (hue) i have an app (all4hue) which can
create the fade effect and it can make lights go on or off 1 by 1. This is something i could never get to work properly with ST and webcore.
For that reason i would prefer something that can be recognised by the hue app so i can create a scene which i then import into ST.

Almost forgot: Zigbee or Zwave would be my preference, rather no wifi. Unless someone can convince me otherwise!