Using Philips Hue Motion Sensor as a light sensor


I am currently using a Philips Hue Motion sensor as a default motion detection sensor, but set it up such that it triggers usually about 30 mins before sunset. But on Rainy or really cloudy days, this does pose an issue since motion will not trigger the lights.
I understand that these motion sensors also have light detection inbuilt? How would I trigger the light detection mode using a routine in the SmartThings app?

Thanks for your help.

My Philips hue motion sensors detects motion even if it’s pitch-black, but you could use the “illuminance” option which you will find under the if-condition when you create a new routine for the motion sensor.

There is no issue with detecting motion when it is pitch-dark. That works very well. At the moment I have set it up to work only after Sunset.

With the Illuminance options, the default value in the app shows 10000. My assumtion is that the unit is Lumen?
The Light sensor history shows it in Lux. I am curious if someone has set a routine to trigger based only on the amount of light in a room.