Using Motion Sensor Temperature to trigger Dyson Fan?

I am hoping to trigger my Dyson fan to turn on when the temp in the Motion Sensor drops below 68. I have a couple of Nest Thermostats, but there are two rooms that don’t get the same air flow and are colder than what Nest is reporting. I would like to take the temp from the Motion Sensor to trigger my Dyson AM09. Something like, if Motion sensor temp hits 68 degrees, trigger Dyson fan (probably through Logitech Activity)

Anyone have suggestions?

CoRE might be what you need. It’s a little daunting at first but worth it.

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Try Virtual Thermostat. Should already be available in smart apps under climate control.

I use this for a heater in a small room with my homemade beer and find it works well.

This is it!! The Dyson fan will not turn of when the Smartthings outlet turns on, so I have to trigger using a Harmony activity. This solves one challenge! I found an IR blaster that turns on the Dyson which is in a different room (YES), but it also controls any IR device… including my kids Television… so i turn on ESPN in the Livingroom, then it changes the Playroom TV from Disney to ESPN… I’ll take any recommendations if anyone has any…

Sounds daunting just looking at your post, but I will have a browse to see if I can find some additional options. Thanks.

Okay. I think this worked, but any time it triggered, my Devices would shut off. i have update Logitech so that the Devices stay on unless all Devices are shut off. Anyone with ideas on how to address?