Using motion sensor power cable to power a camera

I have a motion sensor installed in the front yard to turn on the lights which is wired for power.
Is it possible to use the same wiring to power a security camera?
My question is for power, not for connectivity, I will be using Wi-Fi camera.

Most likely not without using a transformer to dumb down the power to 5Vdc.

Assume the transformer can be installed; can the same power wiring be used though, ie, motion sensor and the camera work off the same power wiring?

That will depend on the camera, but if its a IP based WIFI camera, Then most likely. You question is more, home much load can the breaker take that powers the motion sensor. Most Power outlets are daisy chained. The rule of thumb , I believe is no more than 6 per breaker. A lot of that depends on the breaker and wiring. For what you are doing, You should be able just fine adding one camera to the same line as your motion sensor power.

Thanks Logeox.
It is an IP based Wi-Fi camera. If it can work the way you described, it helps me avoid going with a battery operated version of the camera.

yeah, is this a motion sensor connected to an alarm panel? Or just one of those motion activated flood lights?

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