Using Mac as a Motion sensor? (Working on computer mode)

This is exactly how I have all of my “PCs” working. I said PC because I use a program called EventGhost which monitors PC activities and can send to ST or ST can send event to EventGhost to have the PC execute local tasks…

I also use HostPinger to Ping the IP Address of various network device, including my Mac, to see if they are on or off. This App then sets the status of on/off (Switches) for Network Devices that are linked to ST. The IP of my Mac is inactive when in standby…

Basically, for my PC Motion Device, EventGhost monitors mouse movements. If the mouse is inactive for 3 minutes then the PC Motion Switch turns off. If the mouse is active then it is on. Works perfect!

There are aslo alternatives to EventGhost such as HammerSpoon. Don’t know if there is a bridge to ST but I am sure there is something similar out there. These are just simple Python scripts.

Here’s the Tutorial as a starting point. Again, you will have to find the EventGhost Alternative that can be incorporated into ST.

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