Using MAC Address to Activate Camera Device using Aeotec SmartThings Hub

First post.
When we bought our home it came with a basic security system which some items were free but others were a paid option. We elected to keep the basic for free which included a doorbell camera, thermostat control, garage door open/close and a front door lock/unlock. These would remain free for three years. Now the company is pushing for us to add lots of new equipment that would cost $65 monthly. I offered to purchase the cell phone app and keep those items working but they said no, and wanted $25 per month for that to continue.
Enter the Aeotec Hub. I have managed to get all but the doorbell/camera to work. That is, the doorbell rings but the camera and mic do not. But, I do have the MAC address to the camera and thought SmartThings might connect to it.
Any ideas how?

Would need to know the manufacturer and model of the doorbell/camera to provide some direction. Knowing the MAC address isn’t going to help.

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It’s a Skybell Slim 1. The doorbell works as before but no camera now. I am doubting if this can be connected and frankly not a big deal if it isn’t.