Using Lutron Casetta with Somfy Shades

Hi, all. I am about to set up a Somfy shade. I ordered a ZRTSI-II bridge. I am hoping that I can link the shade to a Lutron plug-in dimmer module through ST, and then use a Pico remote (which I want to install on a wall) to control it (along with some automations). Anyone have any experience with Somfy/ZRTSI-II/Lutron integrations that I can connect with to work out the inevitable bumps? I am hoping I can use the Pico dim up/down buttons to adjust the height of the shades, and the on/off buttons to open and close them.

Many thanks!

Interesting idea. Theoretically, it should work, but curtain motors can be tricky, they don’t necessarily map directly to a 0 to 100% range, which is what you would need for the setup you’re describing. In particular, the two can get out of sync so that 50% on the dimmer module no longer maps to half open on the shades. but I guess you can try it and see how it works.

Also, I’m sure you meant the following, but just to clarify for other people who might read this thread: the idea here is NOT to try to power the shades from the dimmer module, that would be a very bad idea as you are likely to burn out one or the other. The Lutron module is not intended to control a motor directly.

Instead, you would essentially create a “virtual three-way“ so that the Somfy motor would “mirror“ what the Lutron module is doing. The pico would talk to the dimmer module, the dimmer module would report to smartthings, Smartthings would, through a “mirror“ automation, send a message to the Somfy zwave device to match the setting of the dimmer module.

As I said, theoretically it would work, but in practice maybe not so much. :thinking:

Exactly right, JD. thanks for clarifying. I think Lutron says those modules should only be used for lamps. Also, while we are talking Lutron, people may/may not know that those Pico Remotes, which are nice because they can be placed anywhere (and pass my wife’s “look nice” test) won’t show as an ST device, so they need to control another switch or a plug-in module (which will show as an ST device).

Will report back on the shades!

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