Using Life360 with ADT Hub?

I am in the process of transitioning from a v2 hub to a ADT Smartthings hub. But when I try to add SmartApps to the new ADT Hub, I simply don’t see all of the apps I was expecting to see. How do I use life360 presence sensors with my ADT hub if the Life360 smartapp isnt available to add?

A lot of apps are resurrected from the ADT hub. I believe you can setup a new location and then reset the hub and add it to the new location to get them to show up.

Sorry, I don’t follow? So I can add the app to another (new) location, then reset my ADT hub and somehow get it to appear there? Do you have any links that describe this?

EDIT - Oh…You mean i need to do a factory reset on my hub? I wish I had not spent the last 2 days getting devices migrated and setup :frowning:

Life 360 isnt a smartapp. It is a cloud integration. You need to go to the screen to add devices. It is in the presense sensor section. Once you do that it will start the steps to setup the cloud integration. I dont think it is currently available in the new app so you will need to do the initial setup from the classic app.

i was not able to see any Life360p presence sensors when adding a new device. But I did follow the suggestion above and setup a new location, then adding life630, then adding the ADT Hub. That did it!

Now to start repairing all of my devices… :frowning: