Using keypad on Schlage lock to activate activities?

When I used to have a wink hub, I was able to use the keypad on my schlage lock so that when I locked the door (by pressing the schlage logo) the lights all turned off. Also I used to be able to to turn lights on after dusk when I entered my PIN. I was able to set set certain activities based on “sun up or sun down”. Can I do the same thing using SmartThings? I would like to be able to turn off all devices when I leave and lock the door instead of always pulling out my phone and using the “good bye” feature. I would also like to do the oppsite when I get home but I don’t want my lights to turn on if I unlock the door in the middle of the day.

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Yes you can do all this with SmartThing but you will need custom apps to do it.

For programming the actions when when locked using the Schlage Keypad button you will need an app like:

You can run routines, changes modes, control lights/switches/doors and lots more for keypad lock (and unlock) events, you can configure separate actions for each user and each type of event (keypad lock, keypad unlock, manual lock and manual unlock). Check out the link for more details.

All this works with the stock SmartThings device handler (Z-Wave/ZigBee Lock)

If you want to control your lock advanced Schlage features like lock n leave (aka One Touch Locking) or autolock or the alarms built in then you’ll have to use a custom device handler like:

Both of these are available as part of the RBoy Apps suite of products, you can visit our website to see how to subscribe to our apps.

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I should mention that @rboy ‘s suite of apps are A third-party offering behind a paywall. I believe the current lifetime license is $35 for access to all of their apps. They are very popular in the community because they offer many of capabilities that the official platform does not. In particular, he has done a lot of research into different lock features, which is why I tagged him. (I have no connection with his group or any other company developing for smartthings.)

There are also some free community – created smartapps that may be able to do this, you can take a look at the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki on the list for locks