Using IFTTT, Android, two hubs and trying to detect presence thru wifi

Hey all!

I’ve gone the wifi presence approach at home… and it works like a charm… at least most of the time… There’s still a bug with the wife’s Android (S7 Edge) not connecting 100% of the time… but it will be solved eventually… (any help getting there will also be appreciated!)

Anyways… Now I have a new location… Work… where I also would love to have that same approach… IFTTT turning on/off a given virtual button that turns on the presence indicator for either of us (yes, we work together)…

BUT! IFTTT can only see one location at a time!..

What can I try?

Can you connect Life360 to two hubs? I use two hubs, but I just use my phone as presence sensor and not ifttt. I’m on iOS.


I’ve used Life360 in the past… but I still need to go down the Wifi route because of how my office/home are located…

Home… 6th floor up, not counting the 2 garage floor I have to go down to my parking spot… if I were to disarm the alarm using Life360 or ST’s own location mechanism… a burglar would have more than enough time to clean the house!

Office… sits just a few meters (20?) from a cinema that I regularly go to!.. wouldn’t want to have the heat on or alarm switched off on a saturday night when noone’s there! lol!

Nice answer though… thanks!

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I do wish there was a may to make the area surrounding our hubs smaller. I had an issue on my second location that based on the location of the building, it was too close to surrounding rounds that if anyone drove down any of the 3 roads around the building it would turn on and off the alarm. That got annoying real quick and I took their phone off the system.

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Imagine having a swimming pool or a tennis court right next door to the building! Even worse! LOL! (my case for instance…)


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SharpTools 3.0 Beta has support for multiple locations at the same time if you want to go that route.

For details on the Wifi approach, see here:

For a more robust/flexible location approach that also uses geofences to increase precision and responsiveness, check out this post:

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Thanks Josh!

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