Using Hello, Home to dim lights that are currently on

(Eric V) #1

I have a Hello, Home action called “TV Time”. When I trigger it, I’d like it to dim a number of lights if they are currently on, otherwise leave them off. Is that possible? As it stands, if I set the “Dimmer” in the action to 20% it only seems function for lights that are being turned on.

I did a quick search and couldn’t find anything specific. Is there an additional action that I am missing? Or maybe a SmartApp someone has created to do that?


Click the “Turn on these lights or switches” button when configuring the Hello, Home phrase and select the lights you’d like to change the dimming level for. Click “Set dimmers to this level” and choose the level. That should be the combination of settings to dim an existing light.

What I think is happening is that it only will dim the lights you’ve picked in the “Turn on these lights or switches” menu.

(Eric V) #3

@Tyler Right, and that all works, if I want to turn the lights on. But I’m looking for a way to dim them if they are on but leave them off if they are off.

This is the scenario. Watching TV in the front room. If I am watching during the day or early evening, the lights in the surrounding areas are off, because I have enough light from outside. And when I go to watch TV, I want to leave them off. But in the evening, I might have a number of surrounding lights already on and I just want to dim them to 20% or so.

So when I switch to “TV Time”, any lights that are off, should stay off. Any lights that are on (or specific lights that might be on) should dim to 20%.

(Eric V) #4

Any thoughts on this? Or any SmartApps that you’ve come across that will do this?

Alternately, is there a way to trigger a light to do something if the Mode changes? I know I can have actions only occur if the mode is set to something specific, but is there a “If the mode changes to X then do Y?”


Ah got it - doing what I had said would turn on the lights if they were off, which isn’t what you want.

It’ll need to be a custom SmartApp. Maybe one already exists here on the forums.

As far as performing actions on a mode change, that’s pretty much what Hello, Home does. You can group together some actions (like lights turning on/off, doors locking, thermostats changing) with a mode change.

(Kyle Newton) #6

Hi there! Just curious if you ever figured out a way to do this. I have the exact same question and would love to know how you solved it! Thanks :smile: