Using Harmony Remote to trigger ST or IFTTT actions through Harmony Hub

Hi, I have a Harmony 650 remote and a Harmony (home) Hub.

I’d like a routine called “Movie” in ST to automatically trigger when I click on the play button on my 650 remote and trigger a “Intermission” routine in ST if the Stop or Pause button is pressed on my 650 remote.

Of course I’d like the buttons to also have the stock behaviour of playing and pausing the unit they are selected to, just also that the routines be engaged.

Any theories on how that can be achieved?

Thanks in advance.


You cannot have the play and stop buttons programmed as ST actions. You would need one of the Harmony Home remotes and then you can program specific ST actions such as a virtual switch tied to a routine to accomplish what you want. The 650 remote does not have this functionality.

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