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Using Google Home (assistant) speaker for notifications/alarms?

Thank you!! Yes, I can confirm that this does in fact work perfectly. :grin:

Try it without the port number

I got the GooglePyNotify working but there’s about a 10-15 second delay which wont work for my purposes.

I also got Cast-Web installed and working, but its not clear to me how I could use this to do notifications based upon events (door open, etc). Is anyone using Cast-Web to do notifications?

Use the Cast-web with the big talker smartapp

I get about 8-10 seconds delay here.
I wish it was a lil quicker too.


just read this post about sending a notification to my google home mini and tried to make it work.

Everything’s works except the last part ; the notification is not heard on my google home.
I hear a sound that confirm that google home received “something”, but after the sound I can’t hear anything.

  1. I call the server http://192.168.XX.XX:8090/Notify?TEST+1234
  2. I get
    Notification Sent!
  3. A few seconds later I hear the sound on my google home
  4. The browser from where I called the server is now showing Directory listing for /. From there I can hear the Notification.mp3 generated

Any idea ?

I don’t have the syntax memorized for calls, does BigTalker or similar app see the Google home as a speaker

Looks like the time to convert the text to an MP3 with the gtts call is what takes the majority of the time. Could be sped up by caching the MP3 the first time so subsequent calls are faster. I need to say the same phrases over and over again, so this would be fine for me. I might take a look tonight and do something like this.

I lied. Reusing the MP3 has negligible effect on the time.

Hi, after some debugging it is clear the delay in casting a notification is caused by the call to pychromecast.get_chromecasts(). I forked your repo and added a commit which now has an MP3 cache, as well as it gets all chromecasts on the network once at startup rather than for every request.

These changes reduce the notification time from 8-10 seconds to around 3 seconds, which is good enough for me. Thanks a lot for this script, if you add me as a collaborator to your original repo I can create a pull request there. Until then, anyone interested can download the updated code from my forked repo:


Thank you for this,
I also did modified the original code to use local mp3’s. Although,I didn’t see any improvement on the time either. Making the google homes ip addresses static was the key for me.
I also added the possibility to choose which speaker you want to get the notification to within the url.

Ive Added you as A Collaborator - Thanks for the Help on this. as my first Delve into python, im still getting my head round the basics


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Is it possible to do custom messages? I’ve only been able to see it load already pre-created media files or maybe load various web streams.

Yes. You can use the speak text function. Just give it a sentence and it’ll throw it up to Amazon Polly, convert the text to speech, then speak it via chromecast.

I’m using this…doesn’t use TTS so if using GH for music streaming it will pause and resume music after the announcement, unlike TTS approach that doesn’t resume music. Announces on all GHs on the network.

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This is excellent. Response time is still 2-3 seconds, but definitely a perk not pausing the music (which would be a big problem for me).

I noticed the broadcast API can’t broadcast to specific cast receivers. I think this can be worked around by setting the cast receiver volume to 0 depending which ones you want to mute at what time of the day (ex mute the bedroom during sleeping hours).

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I would like to share my setup for this.
I use Home assistant to do it, it so much easier

in home assistant:

  • i use amazon polly for TTS, i feel the voice is better (you can customised it as well)

Using webcore (smarthings)

  • this is where i create rules to do a web request to my home assistant rest API to broadcast notification

It is alot of work but it works well

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Is Home assistant is still able to send a broadcast to your google homes? I am using the assistant relay and it is currently broke on googles end.

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As of 28May2018, the broadcast functionality is not working
But the command one works

Here is a link to the updated Google Assistant Relay v2

And here is a SmartApp to work along side the Google Assistant Relay v2 to broadcast notifications to your Google Home when a SmartThings device is triggered.

If you need to make use of a device handler you can install this one for use with 3rd party tools like WebCoRE.