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Using existing recessed door sensors with ADT hub


Yes. All the dual logo devices still work, It’s just that without an active contract it doesn’t call the monitoring center.

The official supportbase FAQ:

What can I do with the ADT Security Hub?
The ADT Security Hub allows you to monitor and control certain smart devices using voice commands or the SmartThings Classic app on your smartphone or tablet. You can automate connected devices in your home and set them to turn on or off when doors are opened, as people come and go, and much more. (Connected devices sold separately.)
You can also enroll in optional ADT Professional Monitoring Services to provide emergency contact services to keep your home safe from smoke, fire, extreme temperatures, carbon monoxide, and intrusions.

(Mavrrick) #22

So then you would just specify the fortezz sirens in the alert apps to use them. Then point your automations to the buttons you would setup for use with the mode change child app.

Because the ADT Tools mode change app exposes the alarm mode changes as buttons the automation functionality grows rapidly.

(Jimmy) #23

Long story short, the ADT hub isn’t going to do what you want with those z-wave sensors


If you are comfortable with your current set up as far as reliability and all that, and all you want is a pin code panel, have you considered using the iris keypad combined with some of the community code that can add a delay?

Again, it doesn’t run locally and it can’t improve the existing reliability issues of the SmartThings platform (two areas where the ADT model does have some improvements), but it’s a keypad with a delay if that’s really all you need. :sunglasses:

(Brian) #25

I have an idea that’s you’ve probably already tried but if it could work it would be priceless to alot of us. Kudos for the ADT Tools app BTW. Did a test run with it tonight.
So on to my idea. It would be pretty awesome if a sensor, any old sensor (Visonic, smartthings etc) could cause a tamper on the Armed ADT panel or a Dual Branded sensor. If this is possible you would have successfully closed the Gap and would have created multi siren output(ADT and legacy) as well as a forced panel disarm. Surely those sensors have to have a way to detect an electronic tamper if they are so much better than Visonic sensors and Bosch Sensors (other than the Zigbee gap) with physical Tamper switches.

(Mavrrick) #26


The problem is there really isn’t much that can be sent back to the ADT side of the system. I just updated a personal app i have to test devices and confirmed it. The only commands that are allowed from smartthings back to the ADT panel are the ones that both ADT Tools 2 and Webcore use to Arm and Disarm. The individual Sensors don’t even report a tamper alert to the Smartthings side, but the panel will though. I know the sensors have the ability in the ADT side though as I have recieved notifications when resetting sensors in the past. The issue is more about what Smartthings can see.

But I am still not clear on what you are trying to accomplish. If it is about triggering the internal siren with non Dual branded sensors that is not possible. If this is simply about disarming the panel, that is already being done with the mode change logic. If you want multiple sirens this is already accomplished. You just need to specify what sirens you want to use in the alert action when setting it up for the sensors. The only loss is the internal siren if you are not using Dual Branded sensors. If you are migrating from SHM I would expect you would have several sirens already.

I am not clear on what the gap is. Can you provide a use case for what you are trying to do, or want to happen?

(Mavrrick) #27

To add to what JDRoberts said. I have a updated version of Lock Manager that allows the keypad to fully control the ADT panel state. You can see the details about it in the ADT Tools 2 thread. I am hoping the changes i made will be published to the master branch for Lock Manager before to long, but until then my fork is available.