Using DZ6HD-1BZ (no aux) or Homeseer WD200 in a 3-way?

This is a branch of this thread sort of, thanks @JDRoberts for providing insight here :slight_smile:

  1. I’m looking to configure 3 Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ dimmers in a 3-way configuration INSTEAD of the AUX/slave switch they provide via direct association. The reason for this is because the AUX/slave led interface is not able to be configured the same same as the master switch. It only supports Group 1 association so I’m not sure this is possible.


  1. I’d be willing to trade in all my DZ6HD-1BZ for some Homeseer WD-200 if I can’t do this with the Levitons. It seems like you can do this with Group 2. I’m in the process of searching around to figure out how to assign devices to Group 2, I’m guessing I need to add it to the device handler or find a dimmer that already supports it and temporarily use it for configuring Group 2.

You can change the association groups for any mains powered Z wave device by just temporarily assigning it to the Z wave tweaker DTH. All the tweaker does is expose the Association group and parameter settings for the device and let you change them. After you have everything set the way you want to, you just change the device back to your every day DTH and the settings will be retained.

All of that said, why don’t you just use the “mirror” Option of the official smart lighting feature in the smartthings classic app? It’s a lot easier to set up and it’s automatically bi-directional.

Or were you looking for something that would work even if your smartthings hub was not functioning? That’s really the only reason to use Z wave direct association if you have a smartthings hub.

I tried the mirroring feature with two of the switches and it didn’t seem to work. Honestly was just confusing trying to figure out what it was doing, definitely nothing expected or predictable.