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Using core to simulate motion?

(Zachary Evans) #1

I’m trying to get core to simulate motion in my motion sensor when a virtual switch is flipped. Is it possible? It would be either an Iris motion sensor or v2 smartthings sensor


You’ll get the fastest answer to your question in the core peer assistance thread. That’s where most of the core experts hang out. :sunglasses:

I’m not sure exactly what can be done in core in this regard, but in general there’s no way to activate a Z wave or zigbee sensor. They just don’t work that way.

There are a couple of other possibilities that might give you what you need depending on the exact use case.

There’s the old MacGyver method where you activate something that the motion sensor will recognize as motion, often a small fan or even a lamp. But that’s more common for two systems which can’t talk to each other.

Mike Maxwell has a very cool device type handler which will let a switch report as motion to SmartThings, so you can turn it on and off as Needed.

People often use those to have one kind of sensor trigger a smart home monitor alert, when SHM doesn’t have a category for the original sensor type.

This could also be combined with Mike’s zone manager smart app. That one is normally done to combine motion sensors into a zone, so that you can reduce false alarms. But you could also use it by combining a virtual switch acting as a motion sensor into the zone and you could then turn it on or off to activate the zone for some use cases.

But it may be that none of these options fit your exact use case, so it does come down to the details.

Definitely do ask in the peer assistance thread as well, though, as core may have some magic to handle it. :sunglasses:

(Robin) #4

CoRE can simulate motion by toggling a simulated motion sensor device type but it cannot affect the perceived state of a real motion sensor.

I suppose you could probably tweak the DH for the Iris or ST sensor to accept alternative events so as to change state, but as you are looking to toggle via a simulated switch anyway the DH by Mike Maxwell noted by @JDRoberts is probably your easiest route.

Whatever automation you have subscribed to the real motion event just needs to be altered to subscribe to both the simulated and real events instead, with either one causing the trigger.

I’m interested… What is your use case?