Using cat5 to setup a zigbee extender out to the shop

Anyone know of a device that lets me do this I have some sensors and a Google chrome cast I would like to setup in the shop but I am having difficulties getting the sensors to stay on the zigbee network I even installed a sensor up in the attic to act as a repeater but I don’t know if it’s actually repeating or not my house is 90 years old so has ship lap and sheet rock so wireless signals don’t travel well. I already have cat 5 run to the shop.

isn’t possible AFAIK.

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Remember that only mains powered devices are repeaters. Is your sensor in the attic battery powered? If so, it’s not a repeater.

There isn’t any way to do exactly what you are describing, but there are a lot of different ways of automating an outbuilding. :sunglasses: See the how-to article in the community – created wiki to see if any of those might work for you.