Using arrival sensor to know when person walks in specific rooms?

Is there a way to use the arrival sensor to know when someone has walked into specific rooms? Like in combination with motion sensors?

Obviously a motion sensor will tell if ANYONE has walked into an area, but I want to be able to know when a specific person has entered a room if they have the arrival sensor.


UnFortunately, no – – the arrival sensor has much too large of a range and the signal passes through walls so it can’t tell one room from another.

There are some ways to do this using other devices, particularly I beacons. This whole concept is called “microlocation.“

You can see how some other community members have approached it by checking the quick browse list in the community – created wiki, looking in the project report section, and looking on the list for “presence.“

Thanks! That’s what I thought, but figured someone might have more experience. Hopefully I can find an easy way to interact a Beacon and ST.

I should add that the netatmo welcome camera does a decent job of facial recognition, So it will work for some use cases. It’s just that it gets expensive if you want to have it in multiple rooms. Most people use it at the entryway to the main entrance just to detect when various Family members arrive.