Using android as a Target

Hi all, after searching im coming up with lots of noise, but no answer…

Can I use android as a target? in the simplest form add a android device as a ST device, and then control it (within reason)

For example, can I power control my tablet (I would probably need root for this, but you get the extreme example)

I envisaged a “receiver” app on the device, to turn it into a virtual device, but not being an expert im not sure the next part of the chain.

Any thoughts?

The short answer is yes.

The longer part of the answer is that you will need a background app that runs all the time that can respond to calls fromt the SmartThings system.

You will need some middleware outside the phone if you want to send events/commands and react to them on the phone.

You could use firebase or some other similar service so both ST and the Phone connect to the middleware and communicate with each other.

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I am not real clear on what you are trying to do but take a look at Tasker and all of its plugins. It might be a solution or at least give you some ideas.

Have you looked at the Fully-Kiosk browser and this DTH?

Thanks to all, the suggestions mean I have a fair bit of reseatch to do!

To put a bit more detail as to what im trying to do:

I have a firestick in the LAN, which I use connected to a monitor to keep my eye on the cameras. I use TinyCamPro which auto starts when the firestick is powered up (Via monitors USB) which works well. What Im hoping to achive is a automation routine whereas I can control the monitor being on or off, either by shutting down the firestick completly at night (manually powering on in the mornings) OR control the screensaver on the firestick to control the monitors power saving to shut off the screen.

Any suggestions or expereinces gratefully recieved whilst I research the suggestions so far!


Hey all, after looking into it, remote ADB looks like the route forward - such as Amazon Fire TV Stick and a “adb shell input keyevent 26”