Using an ARTIK Device in SmartThings


I have a simple Node app that sends MQTT messages to ARTIK Cloud all working great.
It sends the current lighting scenes from Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 units using the serial interface.
This part all works great, I can also see triggers from ARTIK Cloud to change the lighting scenes, rules can send triggers, and they all work.

Now I want this device to appear in SmartThings as a switch (so I can use in SmartApps) and be able send a triggers to the ARTIK device to change the light scene.

In SmartThings I load the ARTIK Cloud Smart App, I login and authorise all ok, then it attempts to sync ARTIK devices with SmartThings, but my ARTIK Device does not appear (all the SmartThings devices are listed).

Is there something specific that needs to be configured in the ARTIK Device for SmartThings to recognise it?
Are there any examples for exporting a ARTIK device to SmartThings?