Using Alexa as a Smart Speaker

I assumed I could do this but I cant add an Echo Dot as a speaker in ST.

I have successfully added the Alexa skill to ST so I can ask Alexa to turn ST things on and off, but I also thought I could get ST to play alerts etc on the speaker.

Am I missing something?


Search this forum for “Echo Speaks”.

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Yes it can be done but it depends on what you want to do. Do you want to use Alexa with the new ST app or the Classic app? They have different requirements.

Is this what you mean when we search?

There’s a ton of topics with just those two keywords, so I wasn’t really sure.

As others have noted, with the custom code for echo speaks you could have echo say anything at all.

If you want something that is simpler you can use echo routines for announcements And trigger those from smartthings events… So it just depends on how complicated you want to get. :sunglasses:

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

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I use both EchoSpeaks (ES) and Alexa Routines (AR).

For example, with ES and webCoRE:

If Kitchen Soundbar is Playing
Then connect to Bluetooth

If Kitchen Soundbar stays stopped for 1hr
Then disconnect from Bluetooth

My Soundbar will auto turnoff after a set time of inactivity. When on, it uses about 15 watts at idle (including the subwoofer). If it detect a previous connected BT device then it turns on and connects.

With AR, if doorbell rings then with Livingroom Echo speak, “Someone is at the front door”.

With ES and WebCoRE:
If Bedroom light is on
Iron is on
Bedroom lights witch is double tapped up
Then with Bathroom Echo
Flash Briefing

ES is definitely a useful App for Alexa devices and much more powerful than AR. However for simple Speak stuff then AR are easier to setup.

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Yes, it’s popular so there are a lot of posts. The post you referenced is for the current version so I’d start there. You can also look at the examples post for ideas of how people are using ES. This will give you an idea of if it will do what you want and give you plenty of ideas once you implement it. It takes a bit of doing to get it installed, but it’s extremely powerful once you have it going.


I assumed I should make Echo a speaker in ST and create an automation to trigger it. But it looks like you set up the automation and trigger in Alexa based on an ST sensor…


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That is one way, but if you are using Echo Speaks, you are setting up the automation in the ST Echo Speaks app.

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Ok - I’ll take a look at that also.

Thanks again.

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