Using Aeotec Microswitch with a receptacle

Has anyone used one of these with a receptacle? Warning on the box says not to but I’m trying to look for a solution to control a lamp that is plugged into a switch controlled receptacle. There is no neutral at the switch so replacing the switch is not an option, but I have seen where these microswitches can be wired in at the fixture site and used with a standard wall switch in this situation. Only thing is I want to control a receptacle.

The biggest reason I could think is because the micro switch is rated at a much lower output (10Amp) so it’s definitely not up to code to have it behind a 15A outlet.

As @Navat604 mentioned, that particular model just isn’t spec’d to handle the expected load for a receptacle. Not a good idea.

There are other micros that are spec’d for higher loads, just check your local township/jurisdiction to see what wall receptacles are supposed to be able to handle in your area. In most places it’s 15 A for a regular receptacle.

Any recommended brands? Or another solution where there is no neutral at the switch. As a temporary measure I’m using a plug in module on the always live half of the receptacle, but I don’t care for the appearance.

Are you in the US? Most people just replace the receptacle itself with a smart receptacle. There are several brands and the wiring is usually a little easier than trying to fit a micro into the same spot.

Leviton and GE both have models on the official “works with SmartThings” list:

Evolve, Cooper, and GoControl also have popular outlets:

I was thinking of that smart outlet as well but then he could no longer be able to use the wall switch which could be an issue with his other half. I think the best route is to go with a higher amp micro relay like you suggested earlier.

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My bad, I forgot about the Switch requirement. Although as long as you’re willing to pay for two devices, with SmartThings you could put an auxiliary switch on the wall, essentially creating a virtual three-way with the outlet is a master. Since there’s no neutral at the wall, you could use a Lutron Caseta Switch or a battery powered device.

But if you just want to go with one device, the Linear fixture module is popular. I think there’s also a heavy duty Enerwave.

The SmartenIT zigbee Relay is also rated for 15 A at 120 volts. It costs more, but it’s thinner than the Linear. The smartenIT is 2"x2"x 0.625". The Linear is about 2" deep.