Using a Power Switch Cord

I have an “Indoor Switch Extension Cord” to control power to my ST Hub. It allows me to remotely turn power ON/OFF to the hub.
My hub sits up high on a top bookshelf above my desk…separated from my router. But I cannot reach it without a stepstool. Likewise the power plug is below my desk, difficult to access. The Switch Cord device is located underneath my desktop monitor stand…16" from my keyboard…within easy access.
The Switch Cord is my hub reboot device. It is also my Kill Switch to shutdown my entire home automation. In addition, if I am away from the house, or otherwise disabled, my wife knows she can go back to full manual control simply by turning the Switch Cord toggle switch off.

It’s a simple way to control power to my hub. Available at hardware stores like Home Depot.

We use inexpensive WiFi smart plugs for a similar purpose. :sunglasses: For example, several of our echo devices are plugged into one (controllable from Siri). This allows a hands free reboot when needed. As long as the plug is controllable from two different systems (in our case, HomeKit (which is local) and Alexa), it meets our needs.