Using a ge zwave plug in module with a 3-way lamp

(Blair Dee) #1

I have two floor lamps in my family room which have 3-way bulbs in them. Previously we have used the twist knob on the lamp to turn them on and off but I am wonderign how this woudl work if I used the ge zwave plugin modules with them. Woudl I have to leave the twist knob set to the brightest setting and use smartthings to dim them?

What happens if they are set to the low or medium setting via the switch and then I try to use smartthings to dim them?

What happens if the twist knob on the lamp is set to off? smart things cant control them then, right?

(Andrew Cockburn) #2


When you set them to dimmer settings you are in effect just making them less powerful bulbs (they run a different lower power filament). Leaving them on a dimmer setting would just mean that the lamp could not get as bright when ST turned the dimmer up full, which seems like a waste of lightbulb capacity :smile:

If the lamp is turned off, yes, you will have no control.

(Ron S) #3

I would think that you would still have to have your twist knob on.

I use hues all over my house on table lamps with twist knobs. I always have them on with the twist knob set to the brightest. In my case, low and medium settings do not work. Also, I do not have a zwave plug-in module in my scenario.

(Andrew Cockburn) #4

In the case of 3 way lamps with 2 way bulbs, only one of the 3 positions will work - the bulbs actually have 3 different connectors, whereas regulars bulbs have 2, which explains why the hues only work in one position.

(Michael Barry) #5

I went through the same issues as you. My wife hated the outlet because she would try to turn the lamp on and it wouldn’t. I now use these and I removed the screw knob so it’s permanently set to high. They have a button you can click to turn the light on and off manually. High WAF. It’s tall though so you need a short light bulb or a large lamp.

(Ron S) #6

I have tried that thing. It is freaking huuuuuuuuugggggggggeeeeee!

(JimMay3) #7

Quick $5 fix for the tall stack of the module and the bulb…