Using 2 different smartthings hubs in one location

Hi guys!

I live in sunny Spain, let’s get that clear… lol!

I’ve got a Kickstarter edition of the hub fit for European zwave frequency.

I was thinking… since the power needed to fuel the hub is a cell phone’s charger away…

Would it be possible to have a second US version of the hub in the same network as the other one to link US only available zwave devices?

I’m thinking specifically about the ZRTSI device by somfy for their motors…

Thoughts, ideas, comments welcome!


Please combine with with the existing multiple hub topic:

Multiple (two) hubs on one network?

The short answer, is you can do it, but you have to treat them as two different locations, each hub controlling its own devices and not able to see the devices belonging to the other hub.

I don’t know if the fact that they’re on two different zwave frequencies would cause any additional problems, though.

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If you go Somfy Glydea, there is a ZigBee Plug in Module and if my memory is correct both US and EU are 2.4ghz on zigbee, so no second hub would be needed.

Hey Sid! That looks awesome! Thanks!

But… From what I’ve read, it’s as if the Somfy Glydea is a motor of its own?

I’ve already got the motors installed… via the RTS system…

Will it be compatible?

Again… Thanks!

Nope, that won’t work glydea is its own system, but I did some googling and there is a somfy Zrtsi interface for zigbee. You’ll probably have to write a devicetype for it, but it will still keep you on 1 hub

Really? Where’d you find it? :smiley: that would be great!