Using 2 Aeon remotes to arm disarm

(Algon) #1

Hi, I have set up two Aeon remotes Gen5 and they both work fine on their own but I can not select both.

Is there any way to use two remotes


(Matt) #2

install multiple copies of button controller. I have 5 remotes that way.

(Algon) #3

I have installed two remotes but the app only allows me to choose one at a time in ‘things’

(Matt) #4

correct you can install multiple copies of the app

(Algon) #5

Thank you for your replies but you are not answering my question ??

(Matt) #6

let me try again. You installed both remotes in ST correct? You installed the Button controller app and included one of the remotes in it correct? Now just go back to Marketplace and install another copy of the button controller and associate it with the other remote and give it whatever functions you want.

Or install Rule machine and create your own rule that uses both remotes in the one rule with identical functions.

(Algon) #7

Thank you, sorry I am new to this. Can you do the same thing with mutiple alarm sirens (fortrezz)


(Matt) #8

for those you can just add them all in Smart Home monitor (SHM) it will let you select multiple sirens.

(Algon) #9

Thank you, I’m a honeywell heating control installer, I’ve been installing their systems for 4 years now, it would be great when ST works with honeywell evohome zoning system