User Input Prompt

Is it possible to prompt for input from within an event handler? If not, is it planned?

What do you mean by event handler?

So, say like in a push notification, launch the app, go into a Thing or have some sort of pop up modal that asks for user input, like Do you want to shut off alarm, yes / no.

I’m pretty sure the answer will be no, as the main purpose is Automation, anticipate the answer or input based on conditions within the environment and take the user out of the equation.

However, I support the idea of dynamically engaging a user via a devicetype or SmartApp triggered event.

If they would incorporate an HTML renderer into the valueTile or create a htmlTile and allow us to point to a URL, this could be closer to a reality.


You’re correct, the answer is no.

But the idea is excellent.

My need is actually simpler than that. I have a water heater control app that automatically turns it on for X hours at various times, which also has a tap event. On the tap event, I’d like to be prompted for the value of X.