User duplicate notification issue

Thanks @RBOY I really appreciate the work you’ve done.

I recently upgraded to LUM 07.09.04 and Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock 04.04.02 because notifications had stopped working.

Now can’t seem to disable push notifications. I usually get two notifications if I have notifications turned on for the slot, 1 notification for the slot and one for the user in the name field. If I turn off notifications for the user I still get 1 notification for the slot.

What am I missing?


That second notification is likely coming from SmartLocks or Guest SmartLocks app in the new ST app and not from LUM. Uninstall it or disable notifications from the new ST app

Thanks again for your code, it’s worth every penny.

I installed the new ST app in order to remove Guest SmartLocks app (don’t know how it got added) and then removed the new ST app, in favor of the ST classic app. And it fixed the issue.

Thank you for quick helpful advice.

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