User Accept Invitation - 500 Internal Server Error

Trying to re-add my wife to my Smart Things Account.
I remove her, then add her back,get the email to her email address, click on link. I then get the following error:

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!

Error 500: Internal Server Error
URI /user/acceptInvitation/88e5a34b-244f-4c04-8e63-d93d927afe78
Reference Id a52886a8-0a34-4bf4-be55-8076eac18073
Date Sun Apr 23 21:23:55 UTC 2017

For background I don’t think her account was ever fully set up (ie. never replied to email from Smart Things weeks ago).

When I go to delete her from my account (Manage User), I delete her account (email address) I get an email from SmartThings inviting her to my shared account.
Additionally her account still appears after I remove it. Remove account, go back to main screen, then back to Manage users and it’s still there.

You may need to contact support for assistance.

I opened up a case with Support. In the mean time I figured out what caused the situation.

I was adding my wife to my Smart Things account so her cell phone would work with Presence functions (I’m Back!).
My wife as no interest in any of this, except that it works.
So on my PC, I opened her email and the Smart Things Email invitation to join, clicked on the link within.
And it popped up a new tab on my Firefox browser.
The catch was, I was already logged into Smart Things website ( to manage my hub/devices on my Firefox browser.
Once I logged out of the Smart Things website, the correct log in request screen appeared.

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