Useless for security monitoring

I must say… this is a total mess and useless component. In the past 24 hours I’ve had the same motion sensor in the basement go off 9 times… When no one is at home, and we have no pets or flying fish.

Its as if its a random sensor ST decides to pick on, first it was my front door motion, now they decided to torment me with the basement motion… just waiting for the kitchen sensor to tag team in soon (albiet, it did go off once last week)

This is not the first time… its ridiculous.

don’t get rid of your old school alarm system, and don’t get the smartthings system monitored by a 3rd party, probably be shelling out $$ for those false alarms.

Thought this was a viable “smart home” solution… Meh… still looking for the promised land.

disagree. It’s useful for security monitoring, not for alarming or sirens.

ST is a fine backup to a dedicated alarm system.

Sounds like you have crappy motions or a ghost. Either way, I don’t trust SmartThings as a Home Security Monitoring System on its on. I have my regular DCS Alarm Panel tied into SmartThings and I use a combination of both.

What motions are you using? The Iris Motion Sensors are really good…

I’m also a big fan of the iris motion sensors.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty to complain about re: ST as a home security solution. But if you give us some more details maybe someone here can help you troubleshoot.

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Trust me, change the battery for those sensors. I had the same thing and even though the battery was reporting 79% it was down enough to cause a false detection. Samsung should change it so if it is dead, it just doesn’t detect motion, rather than giving a false alert.

If they aren’t ST motion sensors than it isn’t ST’s fault. ST just interprets the z wave command sent from that sensor and acts on it, it doesn’t force the sensor to report motion.

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Generally, I agree with that statement.

However, I have a Z-Wave contact sensor at my other home that is reporting “door open.” Yet, no one is there & my home watch people say the door is closed.

Had a similar problem last winter with a motion sensor here while I was down there reporting “motion” in an unoccupied house. Other sensors in the vicinity never showed motion.

Haven’t been able to prove it yet, but I’m suspicious there are occasional errant events detected…


I have Fibaro Zwave Plus Multi Sensor for Motion, Temperature, Light Sensors. model FGMS-001-ZW5. All the items i purchased are ST certified.

I checked the battery status, seems to be fine. Honestly if it was isolated to a single sensor then I’d think it was the sensor… but all 3… there isn’t a day that goes by that one of them doesn’t get triggered.

I’ve stopped using ST for motion sensors / “security monitoring”, the good old DSC is tried and true. I’m still using ST for all other devices, water and lights. Albeit… every so often ST decides to open the garage door around 5AM

Here’s the follow-up on the door sensor incorrectly reporting “door open”…