Use ST REST to talk to Internal JSON?

Hello! I am have a need to leverage REST on a project I am doing at the house that needs to talk to an internal device that understands JSON. I would like to use the feature in ST to host this code and then take REST based hits with OAuth (working) and translate them into JSON calls for the local device on the wire with POSTs into the device. I can not have to spin up a webserver do this this ST can take the REST call and map it to a function to perform the JSON call.

For the life of me I can’t get the internal post working and wrote a smart App so various things can be programmed easily like API key of the JSON host, IP, PORT, and CODEs required for the JSON host. However I can’t get the HTTP hubaction class to post internally to an IP address and host.

Anyone have any example code for this?

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I usually suggest Hue as an example, even if it is a pretty complex DTH & Connect SmartApp.