Use Somfy shades with Routines

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I don’t have much experience with Groovy, but I wrote a device type for Somfy shades. These shades support three commands: UP, DOWN, and MY/STOP. If the shades are moving, the MY/STOP command is interpreted as STOP. If the shades are stopped, the MY/STOP command moves the shades to a preset “MY” level.

As you can probably guess, ON raises the shades and OFF lowers the shades — but implementing MY/STOP wasn’t obvious. To make this command work with SmartTiles, remotes, modes, etc. I used the dim level:

if (level >= 75) UP else if (level <= 25) DOWN else MY/STOP

Unfortunately this logic doesn’t work well with Routines. If I set a Routine to “dim” the shades to 50%, it doesn’t just send a MY/STOP command. It sends an ON command then a MY/STOP command. So instead of moving the shades to the preset level, the shades move up slightly and then stop.

How should I change my code to fix this problem? I’ve come up with some workarounds, but none of them are ideal.


Try this

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Can someone explain how I make a minimote button hold do the MY/STOP function? Currently, my minimote button presses open or close the Somfy shades, but I have no way to stop them part of the way down.


Use the minimote and set the dimmer of the shade to 50%. That should be the My/Stop setting in the device handler.

I guess I do not understand how to assign that to a minimote press or hold. The minimote app just gives me the generic somfy shade device which opens and closes it. Do I need to modify the DH code?

Use this Device Handler

The Somfy shades are really a dimmer underneath. If you choose “Lights to Dim Level” you should be able to set it to 50%

Hi all,

Using this device handler and for the better part when using from the “Things” section, operating the blinds is flawless… except for the occasional blind that doesn’t respond… in which case try again and it works.

When I try within a scene or an automation, things start getting weird…

First of all, when activating a scene which sets all my blinds to close, it works about half the time.

Second, when setting the blind to 50% as to mimic the “My/Stop” action, the result will either be full open or my blinds move up a bit then stop.

Confused here.

Anything I can try?


Anyone? :slight_smile: I’m unable to use any scenes / automation with my Somfy blinds via ZRTZII