Use SmartThings as Part of a Commercial Product

Hi Community,

I am building up a commercial product that will use Smart Things as part of it, and i need to call the Smart Things API to use the status of the devices to do some automation as part of my product. Will this against the TOS ? Do i need to build a partership with ST to do this? Any reference link?

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You will need to get your device certified as part of “Works with SmartThings”. See Welcome to the Certification Console - SmartThings Developers

I am just using Aeotec sensors as my devices, and i think they are already certified with SmartThings. My concern is more like I buy Aeotec devices (already certified with ST), and i use that devices as part of my commercial product sell to customers, will that be legal? Are there any regulations prohibit this?

That I can’t answer and sounds like a legal issue beyond the scope of this forum.

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Hi, @ZC23344 I recommend contacting the SmartThings Partner Team, you can reach them at I’m not certain about the certification process for this service, they should be able to assist you.


Sounds good, thanks !