Use smart phones to connect to sensors via bluetooth

Newbie heading for the deep end here, I am working on a project where a number of students will use smart phones to connect via bluetooth to sensors placed around a woodland. It has occurred to me that with 20 or so phones looking for the correct bluetooth to connect too could be a bit confusing. I am hoping to enable the correct connection using QR smart tags.

My other problem is a bit more difficult…for me anyway… Most blue tooth devices can handle 8 connections at once it seems, unfortunately the sensor device I am using can only connect with one mobile device at a time. A suggestion has been made that it could be possible to use one android phone to blue tooth connect to the sensor then relay the information to other blue tooth connected phones…

Above there was to be a picture illustrating the proposed setup but I am too new to post pictures sadly…(picture paints a thousand words and all that)

…I believe I am talking about making the first phone a bluetooth hot spot??? This will run the APP for the sensor. Add in a smart tag to connect student phones to the first mobile.

This is just one option I am looking at and I could do with some help please.

Is it possible to re-transmit what is on the screen of the first mobile to up to seven student smart phones at a time? Or maybe re-transmit the incoming signal to the first phone and run the same app on all the others?

If this turns out to be a total non starter I do have a plan “B” but I would like to stick with this at the moment… unless an expert out there has a plan"X" that does what I want without any major design work!

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform, and that hub has a Bluetooth radio, but it has never been enabled and cannot be used. The platform is not designed for apps that don’t run within the SmartThings cloud. The term “smartapp” as used in this forum is specific to groovy code which runs on the SmartThings platform and is displayed inside the SmartThings mobile app.

It sounds like your question is a more general one regarding Bluetooth sensor application design. I suggest you look for a Bluetooth forum or even one on sensor design and you should get more responses.

In theory, he could use SmartThings for this even without a hub. And it might even help him accomplish his goal of doing this in a distributed nature.

What type of bluetooth sensor are you reading the data from? Have you already figured out how to retrieve data from it?

And instead of connecting all of the other phones to the data collection phone, what if the data collection phone was able to upload the data (to SmartThings) and then the other phones could connect over the Internet to sync the data in realtime?

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If I understand the setup, which is a pretty standard one for engineering classes, it’s going to work quite a bit differently than the proposed solutions.

Imagine for a moment that these are simply IBeacons. (an ibeacon that reports temperature is a Bluetooth sensor.)

There’s no problem having literally hundreds of people walking around and dozens of broadcasting sensors. That is the classic IBeacon shopping mall problem (which is why I suggested the OP go to a Bluetooth forum).

The standard solution involves just rethinking the problem. You put a receiving station app on each phone. You have each sensor broadcast its ID.

When the receiving station app detects a broadcast, it then decides what to do, which could be to contact a cloud application (which certainly doesn’t have to be SmartThings, ST really isn’t adding anything).

It’s the combination of receiving station app and cloud application which sort out which sensors are relevant and which phones are relevant in which combinations.

Like I said, known solution to a known problem, easily adaptable with existing tools to any of many sensor applications. :sunglasses: But not a SmartThings use case.