Use sensor for multiple hubs?

I use three main systems for my security at home:
*Smartthings Hub with one Smartthings multi sensor at one door
*IRIS by Lowes Hub with several door sensors, keypad, and a few other things
*ARLO hub, camera, and siren

There are many reasons why I use both Smartthings and IRIS but I dont want to go into too much detail.
This question I have is instead of using TWO sensors at each door and window (open and close sensors) can I just use ONE that can be monitored by BOTH the IRIS smarthome hub AND the Smartthings hub?

I have paired the open close IRIS sensors which are clearly supported with Smartthings in the Smartthings app and they work and they also work when paired with the IRIS smarthome hub but I can not do them BOTH which is what I wish to do have ONE single sensor work with both hubs,.

Is this possible?

Its seems that you can only pair an open/close sensor with ONE hub at a time but is there some kind off workaround to this?


P.S. if I need one sensor for each hub I will be needing a lot to cover all my windows and doors so does anyone have a link or suggestion for the cheapest reliable open-close senors to work with Smartthings and/or IRIS by Lowes hub?

Thank you Robin that is what I thought. Yea once I get Smartthings working the way I want I will eliminate IRIS I am working on that now.

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Every Sensor, Switch, or Device is paired to a specific “home Network Number” along with it’s individually assigned unique number - all performed during pairing.

The devices will only talk to Controllers on the same Home Network Number. This is certainly protection to me from my neighbors messing with my lights. :smile:

You CAN have multiple Controllers on the same Home Network Number. I know this because I have at least 4 myself. SmartThings, StaplesConnect, OpenRemote via an Aeon Z-Stick, and Wink. Each and every one has to be individually paired to each Sensor, Switch or Device I add. The Home Network Number is the same for all of them and whatever unique individual ID number is assigned during the first pairing, sticks throughout the other controllers. In simple terms, every controller can talk to every Sensor, Switch or device, assuming the software running on the controller knows how to handle the specific device. SmartThings is the best of them for that. The others all have holes in what they know what to do with a specific device.

Every Controller can tell a switch to turn on or off. Not a problem. And the Switch will tell the Controller that it did so. But it won’t tell any other Controller! And the Controllers pretty much act as if the other controllers don’t exist. They share nothing.

As to a Sensor, it’s job is to tell a Controller something happened. It can only tell one Controller… the one it paired with first.

I have door sensors all over the house, most are paired to SmartThings, but a few are paired to the Z-Stick or StaplesConnect. Both of those are 100% local execution devices and if I need a light to come on THE INSTANT I open a door, it needs to be local.

All of this Design is a pain… and I cannot imagine it being a task anyone wants - except the tiny few of us that are fascinated and even eager to find a solution to a need, even if it means buying a Z-Stick, etc.

Bottom line, it can be done, getting from where you are to a solution will be painful because you have to pick one system to factory reset and start all over with. All the devices paired to that will need to be factory reset (removed from a network that no longer exists.)

The method you describe will only work with Z wave devices, because Z wave allows for secondary controllers on the same network and zigbee home automation does not. I believe the Iris brand sensors discussed in the original post are zigbee. The smartthings multisensor definitely is. So those can only be connected to one hub at a time. :disappointed_relieved:

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Thank you JDRoberts. So which z wave door/window open/close sensors are my options that it appears you are saying will work with both my IRIS and Smartthings hubs at the same time?

It would only be possible with Zwave sensors like the gocontrol sensors, but to be honest I don’t know if the iris system works with zwave sensors or not.

Even if it does, it’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to be necessarily the end result that you want because you’re still only going to have one primary controller. It’s just that the other hub can act as a secondary.

You’re going to be into the situation that @csteele described.

Since the @hometech references Iris branded devices, those are all Zigbee and as you say, can only be used with one system at a time. Since Iris has neither an open API, nor integration with IFTTT or Stringify, there is literally no way to share them with Iris and any other platform.

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Thanks everyone I just decided to get rid of IRIS and go with All Smartthings hub and devices. No use on having multiple redundant systems.