Use Phones GPS to Signal ST to turn on Light

Hello all,

New to ST and cant find a procedure for the following.

Using the GPS of my phone, I would like a GE Link bulb to turn on in my home when I arrive on the driveway.

I have read vague references to this being possible but cant find a step by step procedure. When I go to ‘Edit’ for the bulb, I don’t see a ‘Proximity’ setting where I could use my phone’s location to turn the bulb on.

Am I missing something or does this require a physical sensor?

Thanks all.

It would be a smart app or a routine. For example, the Smart Lighting app can trigger for arriving or leaving. Routines can also trigger on the same thing.

Assuming you are using v2 of the app.
Go to the SmartApps Tab
Scroll the list down to “Smart Lighting” and select it
New Lighting automation.
Follow the prompts. when you get to "… Trigger the Action, select "Arrival/Departure"
Select the Presence Sensor. In your case the phone

Thank you BOTH so much. I found it where you suggested. :smile: