Use of the Device Health feature

I do not know the answer. Can someone post the state of Device Health here as a FAQ/wiki for others? I see it only as an option in the Classic App. Is it even in the new app, and if so, where? In 2017, the best practice seemed to be to disable it. Is this still the case? The answers to these questions should be the body of a post here. I need this info for me too. Thanks!

I can’t tell you much about it, but it is now apparently required for the new V3 app or Tiles don’t display correctly.

Also it’s broken today, 4 August 2020:

You can’t disable it in the new app. They have some documentation posted on the developer site.

They also mentioned in the platform migration thread that they are moving it from the cloud to the hub for those devices that connect to the hub.


It certainly isn’t required as I have plenty of devices that don’t use the Health Check capability. It might, however, be true that if you implement Health Check you have to do it right. Doing it right isn’t a completely trivial exercise as it has never been adequately documented. Indeed apart from a forum post drawing intention to the new ‘offline’ and ‘online’ statuses, and a brief mention on the developer documentation that doesn’t really match up with how the Health Check capability does things, there is no information at all.

There was mention of a new implementation of device health that worked on the hubs rather than in the cloud, or something like that, and would be more reliable. I am just hoping it gets documented this time around.

I made some notes a while back. They are basically guesswork.


Thanks all! Too bad the answer wasn’t more simple :thinking: