Use MultiPurpose Sensor to Trigger Ring Camera?


I’m looking to see if anyone knows of a way to use the ST Multi-purpose sensor to force a Ring Spotlight Cam to take a video?

I would like to take a video if someone opens my mailbox, I have a Spotlight Cam pointed at my mailbox but I believe the Spotlight Cam is just too far away for it to consistently take a video when someone is at my mailbox. It would be great if I could use one of these sensor to make it take a video.

Matthew LaBerge

I don’t know a way. Can do this with a ring Smart Lighting motion sensor though.

Hello Jimmy,

had no idea those existed, Ill have to look into that.


You’ll need the sensor and the bridge. Might be a little steel in price for just one device, but I have some of their lights and have been very happy with them for areas where there isn’t any power.

Hello, @labmat

You can develop such automation through a Rule command, check the Rules API for it.
Creating a sequence of actions triggered from the contactSensor capability.

Share with us your results.

Rules API doesn’t do any good when there is no command in SmartThings to record a clip for the Ring camera

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