Use multiple hubs as relays

(Louie) #1

It would be nice to use multiple hubs as relays, i have a building that i cannot access with zwave, but i have a network drop, it would be nice if i could just add another hub to the same location and keep all devices together.

(Christopher) #2

I don’t think this is possible. Have you looked at some of the new zwave+ devices? They have longer ranges and you may be able to reach it if you place the devices strategically.

Another thing to look at is the wireless sensor tags. ( They integrate with ST via a SmartApp and they are not dependent on zwave or zigbee. The downside is you have to buy a $35 tag manager and they only make sensors and not switches.

(Louie) #3

I know that multiple hubs cannot be don, i am hoping that one day it can, my issue is that i have the building is completely out of sight and over 150 feet away, I have a zwave GD000z Garage door opener installed on that building so it doesn’t seem like the tags would work, somehow I have to get zwave signal out there.

So i’m hoping that maybe one day they’ll incorporate that or a zwave relay that uses wifi, so i can relay off of it from the main hub.

I can only dream…


(Christopher) #4

Don’t we all when it comes to ST and automation!