Use more than 1 button to disable SHM

I setup the Goodbye routine to set SHM to Armed and Away mode. I set it to perform when everyone leaves or when my Smartthings button is pressed. However, I have 3 buttons that I’d like to use and it only looks like I can only select one and not all of them. Is there a way to get all the buttons to perform the Goodbye/I’m back routines?

Create a virtual switch (momentary, or use power allowance to turn it off) and then have each of the buttons throw that switch. Code the switch to set the SHM or your routine.

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Just set up an additional automation for each button you want to use as a trigger. :sunglasses:

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Thanks! I was able to create a virtual switch and attach the buttons to it. One thing though is that I had to use the new app to configure the buttons to the virtual switch. The classic app didn’t show any options. :frowning:

Glad you got it going.

Even though you don’t need it now, if you prefer the Classic app and need to code other buttons, the Button Controller app in the Marketplace would probably do the trick.

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