Use Light Switch for Routines

I have 17 people who I would like to all get using Smartthings just for presence sensors with their phones. The problem is a few of them don’t like having GPS turned on their phones. So far all I have my second location set up for is a motion sensor at the entrance so that if someone shows up and no one is there, we know someone is there. Basically Home turns the motions sensor off and Away turns the motion sensor on. I have a zwave switch set up for our main lights that is the 1st thing you have to turn on when you come in. I was hoping to be able to have this switch control the Home and Away routines. I don’t see an option to use this in this way.

All I’d like to have is when the light switch is on mode changes Home and when light switch is off, change mode to Away. Any suggestions.

You can have a switch change a mode, is that what you’re asking?

There’s a smart app in the marketplace section of the official smart things mobile app that will do it.

Open mobile app, tap on the star in the lower right corner to go to the marketplace, choose smart apps, choose lights and switches, and you’ll find it.

Or am I misunderstanding the question?


hahah I don’t know how I possibly missed that. It’s been a rough day so I’ll just leave it at that. Thanks JD

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