Use keypad/keyfob to set Smarthings home monitor alarm for New App?

That’s for @RBoy to answer for sure. In the mean time I’ve been able to move everything over to the new v3 app, and I haven’t run into any behavior limits (yet) but I bet I’m close on there now. Day 2 and all is well so far, including triggering stuff via phone presence.


Ok so I tried it, but clearly I did something wrong.
Please help.
It almost worked like it should. Left the house and armed it
from phone. When I came back in I “unalarmed” it via the key pad. The “virtual switch” changed the status of STHM on new app to " disarm". But the intrusions alert still when off on my phone as soon and I went in the house And the siren did after the 30 sec delay. Even though STHM changed to disable.

I must have missed a setting.

I really wish there was a stock key pad, but I will keep trying until I get it right. :slight_smile:

have you tried using the SHM delay Smartapp

Doesn’t that app only work for SHM in the Classic app? I don’t use it, so I can’t say for sure; plus it’s not a delay issue since STHM did get disabled but still tripped.

That should not have happened because you did everything right. I’m not at home to test my setup right now, but as soon as I get home I’ll see if I can replicate what you’re experiencing.

It almost sounds like something on ST’s end didn’t work right because if the virtual switch worked, and you saw STHM change to disarm, then no intrusion alert should have happened.

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Do you still have STHM enabled on the old “Classic” app? They are independent.

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You could possibly use SHM Delay to make the keypad work. SHM Delay will change the location mode so you could trigger STHM using location mode in the new app. This would be a “hack” work around and other functions of SHM Delay will not work. There could also be additional consequences I haven’t discovered. I am using SHM Delay in the classic app and have looked at using it in the new app, though I haven’t done it yet.

My opinion is that this woulf be a lot of work for something that will most likely break as soon as the groovy code base is shut down.

The following is all just my opinion as I’ve explored the same question to get my UEI keypad to work on the new app.

What is needed is a DTH and a lock manager app. I’ve not found free versions of each that look like they might be around for the long term and work in the new app unless someone much smarter than I am ports them over.

The RBoy apps (paid) are probably the best bet for longevity but I don’t know. I asked @RBoy if his apps would continue to work in the new V3 app in another thread but he hasn’t responded to my question yet.

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I know it’s confusing, but just to make sure everyone is talking about the same thing…

In the early Fall of 2019, the built in security system in the new
V3 app was renamed to “SmartThings Home Monitor” instead of using the same name as the built in security system in the classic V2 app, which is “Smart Home Monitor.” So STHM vs SHM instead of
SHM for both.

STHM can only be armed or dismissed in the new V3 app.
SHM can only be armed or dismissed in the classic V2 app.

However: they use the same location.mode. So if you create an automation in one app which changes its armed status based on a change in location.mode, you can create an automation in the other app which will change location.mode. This is the workaround that many people who have both apps are using to synchronize these.

So far, so good. STHM is in the new V3 app. SHM is in the classic V2 app. Location.mode is shared between them. Security.mode is not.

But just when the fog starts to clear comes a new cloud issue. :cloud_with_lightning: (Pun intended. :wink: )

At least as of the last time I looked, when you get a notification, it doesn’t tell you if it’s coming from SHM or STHM. Just SmartThings. So you will have to figure out on your own which app to dismiss it from.

Anyway, if those involved in the current discussion would go back and check their posts to make sure they are using “STHM” and “SHM” correctly (and not just “SHM” for both), that would be much appreciated. :sunglasses:


Good ask, and point. I’ve updated my posts just now. Until the latest update to the v3 app came out, I barely used it; but now I use it 99% of the time. I need to now rethink my acronyms when replying/creating posts.

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One step at a time, right now we’ve completed the migration of all the SmartApps and DTH’s to the new One app. Next step is working with ST to add the missing components to the new One app DTH’s so that they can render components like the camera carousel, video tile, custom components. ST wants to achieve feature parity between the classic and new app before making any sudden moves. So they’re working on that AFAIK. Final step is migrating the current smartapps to the new cloud which is also working progress along with ST, but their new API’s are woefully incomplete at this time and missing a lot of features. So yes our goal is to keep everything moving along in the right direction with ST’s help.


Maybe it’s just an Android thing but the push messages I receive on my Galaxy S7 device actually have an icon associated with them and the icon is an easy way to determine which app the notification came from.


Thanks for the update @RBoy. I assumed that would be the case.

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That’s good to hear. I need to double check to see if I’m current. Of of your DTH’s I’m using for my keypad, Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock, isn’t giving me the option to unlock in the new v3 app via a scene or automation.

Just checked, working fine here on iOS and Android new apps. Maybe just needs to be paired again, the new One app is a little quirky that way.

For purposes clarity and to avoid muddying the already muddied waters, there’s no v2 and v3 app, there’s just the Classic and the (new) One app. If you see the version number the new One app, it is 1.6.39 (iOS) or 1.6.40 (Android), it’s really just an update to the new One app.

There’s a v2 and v3 hub which don’t matter as far as apps/dth’s go since all apps and dth’s work on all hubs, just the DTH UI’s and some features (like rules, routines, SHM) are different between the Classic and the new One app.

I’ve updated my post above accordingly :slight_smile:

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In this forum, we have collectively been calling the classic app the “V2” app and the new app (which has now had at least 3 names) the “V3” app.

You can read the community discussion and the historical reasons for this in the FAQ:

FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have

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Totally understand the history of it. A thought, perhaps you could update the article to use the current ST terminology, the Classic and the new (aka, One or Connect) app to avoid confusion for new users :slight_smile:
ST has given the hub have version numbers and names to the mobile apps. Easier to differentiate.

Until Samsung settles on a consistent name in their own documentation, there will be confusion. :wink:

The new V3 app is called neither “One app” nor “Connect” in the official support documents.

Nor is it called “the One App” or “Connect” in the Google play store.

We’ll change when they do. :sunglasses:

I did add a note to the FAQ that the engineering staff sometimes refer to the new V3 app as “the One app.” Good suggestion, thanks!

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I’m on 01.09.05 but still don’t have the unlock option:

How does pairing it again help?

Working here.

Don’t under estimate the power of repairing devices when working with the new app. Often things change at the backend or features modified which only show up after being re paired as they need to re register with the platform.


Yeah, I’ll give that a shot a little later tonight. Thanks for the quick replies.

Hey @RBoy, I removed it completely and joined it back, but no luck. It did find it pretty quick and it used the right DTH, but I still don’t get the same options you’re getting. What am I doing wrong, any other pointers?