Use Iris Keypad to trigger alarm and Door Chime?

I’ve started a new thread for you so you can get an answer specific to your situation since it was getting pretty off topic for the other thread.

Hopefully people using this device will be able to answer your questions on this project.

As far search tools, the quick browse list in the community – created wiki are usually the fastest way to find smart apps that were created by community members:


OK, back to this project:

You have the iris keypad. It’s the second generation one correct? The

What lock are you using?

And do you have a open/close sensor or multisensor on the door?

And what device would you want to use for the Chime? Most people use either just an android tablet or the Aeon doorbell which can play up to 99 different custom MP3s for different events, including a built-in chime.


Also, if you’re asking if The iris keypad itself can be made to chime, unfortunately it cannot.

The generation one iris keypad which worked with their generation one hub did have a chime. But the second-generation keypad, which can work with SmartThings, doesn’t have a chime built into it. You have to use a different device for the chime.

This is a new install into a new house that the wife wants active ASAP so locking is currently manual (Man has to start slow). Front door has a NYCE Door Hinge Sensor. Back door & garage door use the ST multisensor. As for the keypad, the DTH I loaded has a test function that will cause the keypad to beep (that’s the only thing I can get to work so far). The beep from the keypad is good enough for now. Wife is technically challenged so want to get the keypad to accept security code and activate ST. When @ home, simply chime on contact open.

OK for the keypad you need both a smart app and a device type handler. (DTH)

There are many community members using these, so they should work as long as they’re installed correctly. But you do have to install both of them.

The following is the overview FAQ for custom code which explains the difference between a smart app and a device type handler and how you can install each in the appropriate places in your account.

If after reading that you feel comfortable moving ahead, then go to the following thread. The DTH and the smart app links are in the first post of the thread. Read the installation instructions there as well.

If after installing both of those, the keypad is not working the way you expected to, just ask your follow-up questions in that thread and people will be happy to help you.

Thanks John. I copied the code, created, installed as virtual and got the following error:

0261922a-411f-4831-bc81-c17ecc913209 9:40:23 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script1468546819365942109958.getChildApps() is applicable for argument types: () values: []

Any thoughts? I’m not a groovy programmer so greek to me.

Please ask (or answer) CORE questions in the CORE thread.

The forum is hard enough to use, we really trying to keep the FAQ threads pretty clean. :wink:

Did you add a Smart App or a Device Handler?

Copy using the RAW button. Paste using the code tab. Save and Publish.

hi . im new here i came from using iris and have got the keypad visible but no functionality. the iris keypad DOES have a chime in it as it did when you opened or closed the door with iris. it also would beep during the delay time before arming and before disarming. anyone know of any code that can make this keypad work correctly? any help would be greatly appreciated.

Everything you need to know is here.

I only have issues when I first pair. Give it overnight, probably less but thats just what I do, and next morning lights quit blinking and everything works as expected. Only thing that would make it better is if smartthings were to process everything locally, but its super cute that they still believe that latency isn’t an issue for certain devices. My speaker is set up in the alarm and it says “door open” after the door has been closed a second. But hey at least they have a super good reason not to run things like that locally.

With the latest Enhanced ZigBee Keypad DTH the v2 and v3 keypads can be made to chime and also activate the built in Siren (60/85dB respectively)

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It all depends on the specific model number. Check the date on the post you were replying to: it’s from 2016. The model that was available at that time did not have a chime, there were a ton of complaints from Iris users about that. Later other versions were released which did have a chime.

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