Use Hub v1 instead of Hub v2

Please help me understand something here. I lurk over these messages boards and see how v2 sucks and how many didnt have these issues with v1.

Is going back and using the Hub v1 (until v2 is fixed) solve most of these issues or am I missing something?

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Nope, as far as I know. The problem is not as much with the hub as with the cloud platform. It just that platform stability seems to take nosedive since V2 was released.

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i have all the same issues with my v1 it seems. It’s really been bad since v2 was introduced it seems though.

i have a V1 (not a UK model - i dont think there is such thing as a UK V1) so its technically illegal device in the UK but i do still have issues, so id say sit tight with what you have :slight_smile: