Use Honeywell smart thermostat to also control evaporative cooler

I am trying to use a Honeywell smart thermostat to run an evaporative cooler. This way if its too hot or humid outside causing the temperature inside to be too hot, the evaporative cooler connected to a smart switch would turn off and the hvac air conditioner will turn on. Anyone want to try and make it? I tried using the smart lights app that is already created but it doesn’t use Honeywell thermostat to work with switches based on temperature.

Hi, it takes some special logic to control an evaporative cooler.

With the help of a contributor living in Arizona, I’ve developed such logic based on an internal humidity/temp table which indicates when it’s most efficient to turn on the evaporative cooler switch(es).

For more details, refer to the following thread:

P. S. The smartapp is able to control any thermostat and evaporative cooler switches as long as they follow the standard ST capabilities.

The feature is called “alternative cooling”.

Refer to the use cases in the configuration section at the ST community wiki.